What is your role at Greendeck? What does your day-to-day look like?

I joined Greendeck as a front-end developer intern in January 2019. I started working on AngularJS, along with some other generic frontend technologies. I had an inclination towards data science and machine learning as well, and soon I got involved in projects in these fields.

Currently I work as a Software Engineer mainly involved in the fields of Full Stack Development and Cloud Computing Architecture.

Tell us something interesting about you!

I'm a black belt in Karate! I studied Tenshinkan style karate, and received the black belt from AIKF (All India Karate Federation). I was awarded the bronze medal at an international Karate competition that saw participation from all over south Asia. Also, at the national level I have won silver. I like to stay active, and gymming is part of my daily routine after office hours. I enjoy adventure sports such as rock climbing, trekking and camping. My weekend is usually spent hanging out with friends and coworkers.

What do you like most about the workplace culture?

I get to work on numerous state-of-the-art technologies, which is great. I am involved in many varied and interesting aspects of engineering, and not just restricted to full stack development. The major benefit of such a work culture is that your knowledge and skills increase exponentially.

What did you do before joining Greendeck?

Before joining Greendeck I was completing my undergrad from Manipal University, Jaipur. I have a B.Tech in Information Technology, majoring in Data Structures and Algorithms. I was involved in various research projects at my university and recently published a  paper in the field of Machine Learning and Digital Image Processing titled “Predictive Approach for Melanoma Skin Cancer Detection using CNN”.  

Who is your role model?

Elon Musk! His sheer devotion towards technology and dedication towards his work is truly remarkable. His “Always Be Learning” attitude is what I admire most about him. His involvement in  numerous successful tech ventures is proof of his strong work ethic, enormous  risk taking capacity and deep belief in his team, such traits in a person are a rarity these days. I personally believe that  following his ideology I might be able to achieve great heights in my career.

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