What is your role at Greendeck? What does your day-to-day look like?

Being Regional Head for the US at Greendeck, I am engaged in looking for new leads and bringing new customers on board, particularly from the US region. I plan and run email campaigns, interact with prospects, make them aware about the value that we can add to their business and close the deals.

Tell us something interesting about you!

Well, I am a big fan of Bollywood movies! And my co-workers know that I never miss a chance to use a movie's punch line that best fits a particular situation. One of my all time favourite movies is Namaste London. I am a gregarious person who likes to socialise. I'm a foodie, and I guess that comes naturally for me as I come from a Punjabi family.

What do you like most about the workplace?

It has been a great journey so far. Working at a high paced startup like Greendeck has given me a great platform to learn. My ideas and suggestions are always appreciated. We get full ownership of our work. The team here is really young, the average age being 25, and as a result the office atmosphere is amazing. You get to work with young sharp minds and at the same time, you get a lot of learning opportunities while working very closely with the co-founders.

What did you do before joining Greendeck?

Before joining Greendeck, I worked for MAHLE (an automotive ancillary company) as a quality control engineer for 2.5 years. In search for growth prospects, I went for an MBA in marketing and joined Greendeck.

What advice do you have for people who are early in their career and wish to change their field of work?

Over the years I have observed that a lot of people hesitate to change their career path, even if they really want to. The reason might be lack of a relevant degree or practical knowledge, which makes them think they would not be successful. In my case, I kept my options open and trusted my capabilities. While working, I explored new career paths and I found myself to be a good fit for marketing. I utilised my past job experience and am doing really well in my new role.

My suggestion to all those who want to change their career paths would be to not be afraid of failures, they are a part of life and they teach you a lot. If you don't try, you've already failed. Know what you are passionate about and give it a try. 99% of the time you will succeed. This reminds me of a popular dialogue from my favourite movie: "Jab tak haar nahi hoti na, tab tak aadmi jeeta hua rehta hai" 😄

Who is your role model?

I am inspired by a lot of people. The one personality that has recently inspired me a lot is Mr. Anand Kumar. His super 30 programme has helped a lot of underprivileged children to achieve what they always dreamed for. I believe knowledge is the greatest wealth one can earn. The more and more you transfer this wealth to others, it keeps on increasing within you.

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