If I tell you that 'As Seen On Screen' is one of the leading names in fashion retail in the world, you might say 'huh'? But if we use the acronym ASOS, things get a bit clearer!

Founded in 2000, ASOS has become one of the world’s best-known and most successful pureplay e-tailers.

It is a global fashion destination for 20-somethings, merchandising cutting-edge fast fashion backed up by a wide variety of fashion-related content through localised mobile and web experiences.

It delivers from fulfilment centres in the UK, US and Europe to almost every country in the world, selling more than 100,000 product lines across 850 brands, and it has a growing own-label offering, with about 50% of product exclusive to ASOS.

Here are a few interesting trends we saw about ASOS on the Greendeck platform:

Flat Pricing Strategy

Unlike companies like Debenhams or Missguided, ASOS does not have drastic movements in the number of products it has on discount. They usually have 40-45% of its catalogue on a discount.  

Even when they run special campaigns, they significantly increase the value of the discounts, not the number of products on which the discount applies. Here we see a peak from 18th to 22nd May, and again from 30th May to 2nd June.

And these promos worked fairly well, because corresponding to these dates 15% and 26% promoted products were sold off.

High Number of Outerwear

It's Summer, but surprisingly a very large percentage of the catalogue at ASOS clothing is outerwear! While Boohoo, M&S and pretty much everyone has their top 2 categories as Dresses and Tops and Tees, ASOS has 22% of its clothing catalogue in outerwear.

Could it be that they have a large part of last year's stock unsold, but still listed on their website?🤔

New Products Added

ASOS added 2,729 new products in the last 7 days. Of these, 26% were at a discount, the average discount being 40.8%. This average discount was far greater than Boohoo (25.4%) and Missguided (25.7%).

It's also interesting to see that Boohoo has 100% of its catalogue on discount! Read more about Boohoo's pricing strategy here.

Stay tuned for next time, when we bring out some more interesting trends from UK retailers!

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