What is your role at Greendeck? What does your day-to-day look like?

Greendeck is more than a regular 9-5 job for me. I joined as a Machine Learning Engineer. I started taking interest in the business side of things, and soon I got an opportunity to help build a business team from scratch. As a business development manager, I am responsible for end-to-end sales pipeline which includes both inbound and outbound marketing.

Starting at Indian time and finishing at UK time is what our daily routine looks like. If there's work, it needs to be done, and the "show must go on".

Tell us something interesting about you!

I love meeting new people, and good food, especially when both things are done together! Travelling keeps me happy. I love long drives as well. Exploring new places while driving is must for every trip.

So, you're the CEO's brother! How does that feel?

More responsibilities! I consider Greendeck my company, and am willing to play whatever role is necessary. I started with machine learning and then moved to business development. No doubt this company is my topmost priority.

What do you like most about the workplace?

The environment is very enjoyable. We have a lot of fun and friendly banter amongst each other. We're a small team, and everyone is good friends with each other. We try to work hard and party harder!

What did you do before joining Greendeck?

I worked as an ML engineer at Yash Technologies. After this I worked briefly with an Irish startup (remotely) and then finally found myself joining Greendeck.

Who is your role model?

All of my family.  Hard work and patience are virtues that I have learnt from them and tried to ingrain within me and in whatever I do.

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